Our Tool: R/C (Radio Control)

For over a century, the airplane, specifically the model airplane, has captivated the hearts and minds of the young and old alike. From the early days of the Wright Brothers to the present day flights into space, aviation has inspired more people in limitless ways than any other science or technology.

Since its conception, the Litespeed Flight Demonstration Team has endeavored to make model aviation and its technological sophistication the most captivating visual tool ever used in a elementary school presentation. Today’s modern radio controlled (r/c) airplane is both a technological marvel and an amazing miniaturization of its full scale counterpart. Aviation has always been a leading technological science, because it involves all four of the STEM academic disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We believe there is nothing better than the model airplane that demonstrates, motivates and inspires children. The Litespeed airshow is STEM and there is nothing like it anywhere…

Core Program: STEM (Science, Technology, Engeenering and Mathematics)

Billed as a motivational, inspirational and life-changing experience the Litespeed Airshow program opens with the talented radio controlled pilots thrilling the kids with acrobatic airplanes, racing jets and drones, right inside the school gymnasium. In addition to the aerial demonstration, the children are taught basic lessons in aerodynamics on a level they can understand. By introducing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics the children are inspired and encouraged to study these academic disciplines.

Then the history of flight is brought to life through the compelling story of the Wright Brother’s childhood dream of building a flying machine. This story is sure to inspire vision, perseverance and imagination. The STEM experience is reinforced with valuable character lessons, encouraging children to work hard and to say no to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and profanity. In addition the children are taught to faithfully honor their parents, neighbors, teachers and educators.

For the first time in an elementary school assembly, the Litespeed Airshow introduces STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in a fun, exciting and inspirational way. There’s nothing like it!

Funding the Goal:

Many school budgets have been adversely affected by the current economic climate. Because this situation hampers the ability to bring kid-friendly STEM programs into the public schools, we have decided to look outside of school budgets. By funding our endeavor through private donors, sponsors and partnerships, the Litespeed Airshow can be brought to the schools free of charge. Bringing much light into this situation, we believe this direction will give local foundations and businesses an opportunity to make a positive impact on their communities. Supporting the Litespeed Airshow accelerates our 5-year goal of reaching over 900 elementary schools and 600,000 kids in Oklahoma. We believe this partnership will promote education and community spirit, benefiting our city, state and Nation!

If you relish in the opportunity of seeing children fulfilling their destiny, as well as helping Oklahoma take the lead in Aviation Aerospace, please consider becoming a partner with the Litespeed Flight Demonstration Team.

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