The “Tulco Oils special” SU-29 is one of our custom concept airplanes. Created to showcase our ability to visually communicate a sponsors corporate identity, the airplane keeps the sponsors name and logo up front for all the spectators to see. The SU 29 has the size and presence that captivates the entire gym.

The Twisted Hobbys SU-29 “Super Lite series” embark a new adventure for in-door flight capabilities. Designed for the serious pilot, this ultra slow-motion, precision flying aircraft is simply constructed with the durability of EPP foam. With these newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition. Pre-hinged constructions along with new truss design makes these EPP models quick to assembly all while still keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying. Each kit includes the highest quality printed EPP airframe, carbon fiber control rod’s, laser cut wood control horns with adjustable links, fiber motor mount and snap-in links and shrink tubing. Landing gear included.

SU 29 Specs
Weight:140-15-g w/ LG
Materials:EPP Foam
Flight Components:2x 6g servos (rudder/elevator) & 11g servo (aileron)
Motor:19g 30-60W Outrunner 12A ESC
Battery:2s 250- lipo
Radio:DX7/Rx 6100e
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