Today’s marvel of flight has become more of a technical achievement with the new advancements of Drones. We have incorporated this new technology into our airshow program with the Blade 350QX3 camera drone. The children will get a first hand demonstration how this new technology is changing our culture. The drone transmits a live video feed to a large monitor set up in full view of the children. This birds eye view demonstrates the capability of the camera drone right inside the gymnasiums high ceilings. This has become a highlight of our program and adds a memorable experience for the children.

Blade 250 QX3 Specs
Completion Level:Ready-to-Fly
Prop Diameter:22.8″ (580mm)
Main Rotor Blade Length:8.27″ (210mm)
Main Motor Type:Brushless Outrunner
Battery:E-Flite 3000mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo, 12AWG, EC3
Length:18.3″ (465mm)
Height:7.48″ (190mm)
Width:18.3″ (465mm)
Main Frame Material:Plastic
Flying Weight:33.7 oz (955g)
Approx Flying Duration:15 minutes
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